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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Nature-Inspired Watercolor Paintings

When Sally Walsh isn't meeting animals, she paints their portraits using watercolor. Her unique style is colorful, drippy, and incredibly detailed, so you can spend quite some time analyzing each one.
"Being one of those crazy animal lover peoples – a lot of my art includes animals and birds," says Sally. "I usually create my wildlife art directly from my own experiences and encounters with animals locally & abroad – I can often be found <...> observing elephants on the African plains, sketching and photographing puffins on a Scottish Isle, inching closer to unsuspecting wild zebra in Kenya and making friends with Scottish highland cattle."
"My watercolor style is bright, loose, drippy and gestural with realistically rendered pockets of detail that breath life, vitality and playfulness into my creations," says the Australia-based artist.

Polish Village Where Everything Is Covered In Colorful Flower Paintings

Once upon a time, in a small Polish village called Zalipie, somebody painted a flower on their ceiling in order to cover up a soot mark caused by the stove. Ventilation was poor back then, and soot stains were a common sight in most if not all of the houses, and so other people started concealing the marks with their own little flowers until every house was covered in them.
Eventually everything in town was covered in flowers, from houses and barns to bridges and churches, and every spring since 1948 the village has held a Painted Cottage Competition, or Malowana Chata. The original purpose of this contest was part of a movement to help Poland psychologically recover from the atrocities that the country suffered in World War II.
Today Zalipie is a far cry from those dark times. Situated in the southeast of Poland just 90 minutes from Krakow, this beautifully bright and colorful village is the perfect location for anybody looking for a unique and memorable day trip. (h/t: mentalfloss)

Sunday, October 23, 2016

10+ Halloween Cat Costumes That Are Just Too Purrfect

Halloween is a great time for us humans, but why should your cat miss out on all the fun? Show them how much you love them by forcing them to wear a funny Halloween costume so they too can partake in all the spooky celebrations. Take a look at these pictures to see what we mean. Compiled by Bored Panda, the list is full of funny cat costumes that everybody will find hilarious. Everybody except for your cat that is...
Have any cats in Halloween gear? Then add them to the list below!

 #1 Bat Cat

 #2 Cat Skeleton

 #3 Mario Cat

 #4 Trump Cat
 #5 Lion Cat
 #6 Supercat!
 #7 Ram Cat
 #8 Princess Leia Kitty
 #9 Katamari Dressed As A Lobster
 #10 Happy Halloween From Our Little Mermaid
 #11 Catman
 #12 This Is My Cat Minion In His Halloween Costume


BMW has teamed up with Garage Italia Customs unveil two striking new versions of its i3 and i8 models with a design concept dubbed “CrossFade”. The two one-offs are characterized by a unique guise that uses geometrical shapes for a gradient effect. They were first seen by the public on September 30th that the Paris Motor Show. The Garage Italia Customs style centered on creating a look that would emphasize the true essence of the BMW i philosophy, breaching traditional methods of varnishing. Classic gradient–obtained by the homogeneous fading from one color to another–has been replaced by a ‘digital’ version. geometric shapes of increasing size give the same visual effect in a more sophisticated manner, creating a stronger visual impact.