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Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to roll the Joint Pipe

So it’s come to this. A joint-shaped joint just isn’t doing it for you anymore and you’ve decided it’s time to level up. Well get your grinders handy and your lighters ready, with one simple addition to your joint you will be ready to regally take on the town. The joint pipe can be a festive addition to any party or a solo contemplative cannon to the face.

 Step 1: Supplies

1 pack of King-Sized papers of your choice (with filters)
2-3 Grams of Cannabis
Don’t forget your lungs

Step 2: Roll a Joint
First roll a joint, to some this will be a simple task but for those who need some guidance please see this tutorial for help. I like to roll a joint that has a slight taper towards the filter like the cone in the linked tutorial, but cylindrical joints work just as well.

Step 3: Cut the Joint


When the joint is finished, use the scissors to cut the tip of the joint at about a 45 degree angle. The angle of this cut also helps to ensure an even burn when the joint pipe is complete.

Step 4: Form the “Bowl” of the Joint Pipe

Now that you have a nice joint it’s time to kick it up a notch. Set it to the side and grab your lighter and another rolling paper. I wrap the rolling paper around the lighter to create the smashed cylindrical shape of the bell of the pipe. When wrapping the paper around the lighter I keep the glue facing inwards, and I lightly wet it to keep it in place. I try to overhang the glue strip off of the lighter so that it doesn’t seal to the lighter when dry.

Step 5: Seal the Pipe

I then grab my pair of scissors and another paper. I take my scissors and I remove the glue strip from my remaining rolling paper. I then seal the connection of the paper bell, being careful not to over wet it. Once sealed, it should easily slide off of the lighter, then we are ready to put it onto our joint.

Step 6: Attach the Pipe to the Joint

I put the bell on first hollow and fill it afterwards. I use the inward facing glue strip top help seal the bell to the joint, it should easily slide over the joint covering it completely on all sides. I use another glue strip if needed to seal the remaining holes after filling, but this is often not needed.

Step 7: Pack it up


When filling the pipe part of the joint pipe, make sure to pack the bell evenly with no air pockets to ensure an even burn.

Step 8: Light it up!

Now your joint pipe is ready to enjoy, or you could continue to add more bends to make more intricate pipe designs.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

8 Reasons Why Girls Who Smoke Weed Make Perfect Girlfriends

What’s better than knowing a girl that smokes weed? Dating one, that’s what. Not only do ganja-friendly ladies make the best lovers, but they also are easy to please. Finding a fun and easy-going woman isn’t always easy. But when you find yourself a lady that loves the herb as much as you do, the benefits are endless. From sharing countless laughs to having incredible orgasms, here are nine reasons why girls who smoke weed make perfect girlfriends.

1. The relationship will never be boring

Of course, everything is better when you’re high. And when you have a woman to blaze with, that opens the door to endless amounts of fun.

You can share delicious snacks, get lost in a good movie, and so much more. Not to mention, the sex is always on point.

2. Fewer petty arguments
For the most part, fights break out over the smallest things. But when you’re dating a girl that smokes weed, she knows what matters in life, and what doesn’t.

Indeed, it’s rare to see a cannabis user angry. Because the herb helps put things into perspective, ganja smokers know that there’s no point in arguing over stupid stuff.

3. Lady smokers are independent
If a woman chooses to smoke weed, then she’s going to do so no matter what society thinks. Why? Because she has a mind of her own and can think for herself, that’s why.

4. She knows what to do with her hands
No pun intended, but it’s true, a weed-loving lady is good with her hands. Not only can she roll a decent joint, but it’s also sexy to watch her do it.

After all, rolling your own cannabis can get old. So, why not sit back and let your woman do it for you?

5. It doesn’t take much to make her happy
As long as she’s not dankrupt, or hungry, then chances are your woman will always be happy, if she smokes weed. However, stealing her food or her bud may cause some problems.

6. Her sense of humor is excellent
Girls that smoke the herb are hilarious. Therefore, you will likely stay laughing your a** off.
Of course, relationships aren’t always fun and games. But when the two of you chill out and share a few hits of some fabulous weed, you’ll remember why the two of you are together in the first place.

7. She has great taste in music
Potheads, in general, know great music when they hear it. Therefore, your woman may surprise you with some excellent tracks that the two of you can listen to while you blaze.

8. She’ll share with you
All in all, cannabis promotes sharing, especially in group sessions. In fact, you may find yourself waking up to a pre-rolled blunt prepared by your lady. In that case, you better put a ring on it because that’s love.

credit : http://herb.co/

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Nature-Inspired Watercolor Paintings

When Sally Walsh isn't meeting animals, she paints their portraits using watercolor. Her unique style is colorful, drippy, and incredibly detailed, so you can spend quite some time analyzing each one.
"Being one of those crazy animal lover peoples – a lot of my art includes animals and birds," says Sally. "I usually create my wildlife art directly from my own experiences and encounters with animals locally & abroad – I can often be found <...> observing elephants on the African plains, sketching and photographing puffins on a Scottish Isle, inching closer to unsuspecting wild zebra in Kenya and making friends with Scottish highland cattle."
"My watercolor style is bright, loose, drippy and gestural with realistically rendered pockets of detail that breath life, vitality and playfulness into my creations," says the Australia-based artist.

Polish Village Where Everything Is Covered In Colorful Flower Paintings

Once upon a time, in a small Polish village called Zalipie, somebody painted a flower on their ceiling in order to cover up a soot mark caused by the stove. Ventilation was poor back then, and soot stains were a common sight in most if not all of the houses, and so other people started concealing the marks with their own little flowers until every house was covered in them.
Eventually everything in town was covered in flowers, from houses and barns to bridges and churches, and every spring since 1948 the village has held a Painted Cottage Competition, or Malowana Chata. The original purpose of this contest was part of a movement to help Poland psychologically recover from the atrocities that the country suffered in World War II.
Today Zalipie is a far cry from those dark times. Situated in the southeast of Poland just 90 minutes from Krakow, this beautifully bright and colorful village is the perfect location for anybody looking for a unique and memorable day trip. (h/t: mentalfloss)